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2021-04-03 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda MIND THE GAP - Sc Global Art

MIND THE GAP - Sc Global Art: For our ancestors, the Easter Holiday has always been in close celebration with spring and all its nature reviving. Using floral motifs to traditionally decorate and paint the eggs, as well as onion peel to boil and colour them, people in Transylvania integrated medicinal plants and flowery details in their artisanal work. Inspired by our Transylvanian roots and its cultural heritage, we feature today a beautiful set of four art prints. Stemming from old embroidery patterns and having folklore flowers as a source of inspiration, the EMBROIDERY FOLK Wall Art is a four-piece collection of wall arts made on natural linen for more authenticity. Each artwork is framed with an eclectic white frame and is sold individually. Wish you all to celebrate and enjoy a traditional and truly authentic Easter Holiday!